Philosophies and beliefs / by Henry Hivnor


Sometimes I am asked about what I believe about God, the Universe and our origins, time travel, etc.

I’ve been exposed to a lot of different things and I think that ones knowledge or awareness is directly associated with what you can believe, or how much you allow yourself to perceive.

Some people don’t give themselves permission to see beyond the veil or frequency that they are currently at.

I’ve seen large flying objects moving over populated areas in broad daylight. I’ve seen lights come out of mirrors, and energy moving through the air.

What have you seen? Or not seen?

Psychics have an ability to see things out side the norm and

a good example of this was popularized by the film What The Bleep Do We Know.

There is a story about the native people in the “new world” who could not “see” the tall ships of visitors approaching their shore, simply because it was not in their experience, they could see the small boats that came to shore, but not the big ships, it was as if the visitors just appeared in small boats. Their Shaman was summoned and he could see the ships, and over time he helped his community to comprehend and therefore see the tall ships.

I’m not big on “fixing “ or forcing anyone to think or believe in anything they are not comfortable with without their desire to do so.

We are all in our own evolution, and that is sacred.

If people ask me for a jump start I can certainly expose you to what I am aware of or point you in a new direction to help you to gain experiential knowledge of what you are seeking.


Most indigenous cultures have a strong connection with nature, the spirit world and the higher powers of all things important to them.

If we are so advanced in our technologies and ways of being ahead of the game why are we not connected to spirit?

Why are some of us afraid to trust our intuition?

My approach is holistic and the holistic model includes the medical model, meaning that if you are accustomed to seeing a doctor for a particular ailment then you should do so, but also holding the knowledge that other types of alternative remedies and practices exist and are available.

I envision modern people accessing all types of healing processes that best suit their needs and I am certain that psychics and intuitive healers will play a defining role.

Past lives
In spite of the fact that I am very open minded I didn’t used to believe in past lives.

I remember telling a close friend ‘this whole past life thing is ridiculous! Even if you could verify that they are real, what would be the point? The present moment is where it’s at.”

Do you know what? The Angels were watching because my next 5 clients all had past life issues, so lets just say I had to change my thinking to keep up with my own spiritual evolution!

When I was a child I was afraid of water, I wouldn’t mind being next to a lake or wading a bit at a beach but I refused to go in deep water, anything over my head gave me such anxiety that I would ether freeze up or have a tantrum, and find the fastest way out of the situation. One time I even hid inside a hedge for hours to escape a mandatory swimming lesson.

So as you might assume, I discovered had some water issues in my past lives, the most traumatic being one in which an underwater structure fell on me while I was working in a diving suit.

Now that I’ve had that memory and released it, I have a much easier time in water, I actually enjoy it!

So however we investigate our past lives, we can process the information and release it and not further suffer in unconscious confusion.

The very concept of past lives may threaten our concept of reality.

but given the instance of a life threatening illness or compulsive behavior we know we want to change, we may not be so fearful to investigate the possibility.

It may surprise you, but I am very skeptical, it is just my nature.

This is why I resisted my gift for so long, but here it is

and here we are, and here is another client with a past life issue.

What I have noticed is that we draw upon past lives to help us with our present lives. We unconsciously pull information and experience from a past lives to aid us in a present life. This is where everything works out. It’s when a trauma, or intense behavior from a past life effects us in a negative way, and we become prisoners of these effects, that we need to focus on these past lives and ways to heal them.

What’s energy?

What’s energy? What’s energy reading and healing?

Energy is a word I use to title the subtle fields and phenomena existing in all matter and primarily the fields around people, plants and animals.

Clairvoyants, healers, psychics tune into this energy and interpret it discovering information about the past present and future.

Everything in this world that we perceive has It’s own energy field unique to its self.

Just tuning in or focusing on it helps us to have a deeper relationship with it.

In other words, we get to know it and as we do that we become familiar with it and develop respect for it. As this deeper relationship develops we can fully understand it.

Are we a global comunity?

Scientists created the web so they could more easily communicate and share Ideas.

What I do and what so many healers do is a science in its self which is becoming more recognized and applied to peoples lives more and more every day. It’s becoming “normal” for people to go to holistic doctors for treatment, or to receive healing to aid ailments and disease.

I’ve already made some wonderful new contacts on the web and I know this will only grow into a larger community of light! Like minded individuals connecting and sharing information and intentions! Intending that our planet is healthy and safe, intending that all our different cultures and countries have healthy boundaries and connections of love and respect.

We are in an exciting time, a time of change and shift in consciousness! It’s happening right now and there are so many ways to participate!

Just being alive is a really profound experience. It really blows my mind that we are here on this earth! Have you ever for a moment thought about how amazing this earth experience is? I mean just nature alone is amazing, the sacred geometry, the interconnectedness of all these beings, the animals all perfectly adapted to their surroundings. just looking at an image of the earth from space is amazing.

Have you ever forgotten how profound it is?

Some people live in a consciousness of forgetting, so caught up in the competitive nature of human life.

I am part of this too, I choose to be apart of it.

but I also remember the beauty, I recognize what I have and what is all around me. Life is truly amazing!