(This Photo was taken at the Whole Life Expo in San Francisco when I was 26 years old with a special camera that can capture your aura on film.)

(This Photo was taken at the Whole Life Expo in San Francisco when I was 26 years old with a special camera that can capture your aura on film.)


                                 About Me

When I was a little kid I asked for a magic kit for Christmas and my parents delivered! When I opened the box I was so disappointed to find out that it was all about creating illusions. I really thought that there was magic in the box.

Lucky for me I did eventually learn about magic, and what I found out was the trick to real magic is receptivity!

When I was 25 yrs old I had what is best described as an awakening. I had a series of dreams that altered how I perceived reality and so drastic was this shift that I thought I was probably going crazy!

I thought, OK this is exciting, but how do I live in the this world?

Inanimate objects were vibrating with energy and I saw sparkles of light zooming through the air and everything was talking to me at once. As intriguing as this was I was lost and overwhelmed. Therapists I saw wanted to put me on medications, but in my heart I knew I didn’t want to numb out, I wanted to understand what was happening.

I knew that the phenomena I was experiencing was related to all of the things I was exposing myself to, like reading native American books, meditation, visiting ashrams and attending lectures on a variety of spiritual subjects. My relationship to these subjects seemed to be out of interest, I didn’t realize that I would be effected so strongly or that it wasn’t just about observing but that I was evolving or maybe remembering and activating something inside me.

A friend introduced me to an astrologer who was published and famous, and asked me to do a reading, though intimidated I did what I thought was a reading but it also seemed to be more of energy work. After I finished she said:“Your good” and that was all she said. I thought she would have something to tell me, something to explain to me about what all this energy and stuff was about, but that was it.

About a week later she called and asked if I would do a reading over the phone for a client of hers named Jean, that she felt I could help, with a specific problem. I agreed.

Being that this person was in a desperate situation I went immediately into a panic and give her a long disclaimer about how new to this I was and so on. She listened patiently until I finished and then launched into a story about how she had recently been wed to a man she was in love with, but was somehow unable to love him.

I listened and soon realized that another being was making herself present, it was Jean’s grandmother, I mentioned her and Jean confirmed her existence. The grandmother told me that she had put a spell of protection on her granddaughter so that she would be protected from men giving her the wrong kind of attention in her youth. The spell had worked effectively, so much so in fact, that it was still active in her life and had created a barrier between her and her new husband.

I spoke to her grandmother and was granted permission to remove the spell. From that day forward Jean was able to love her husband on a much more intimate level. This was my first real client and I will never forget this because even though I had no confidence, I was totally clear and got the job done and I proved my abilities as valid and real, to my self. I’m much more confident than I was then, I’ve lost my fear but I have not lost my sense of awe and the profound perspective.


Talking to peoples deceased loved ones, parents and relatives is very profound because it shows how much people love each other and how love truly has no boundaries. I have so many stories I want to share about experiences I have had reading people and the things I have learned. It’s funny because I forget some of it too, and then I run into somebody and they tell me all the stuff I told them and how it has helped shape and effect their lives. This experience opened the door for me and I began to receive all kinds of clients with all kinds of concerns and this really opened up my whole world of understanding people and all the different lives and realities we exist in.

I moved to the west coast and attended the World School of Massage and Advanced Healing Arts, I learned massage and different forms of vibrational healing using color and sound and learned about the bodies energy systems. I developed a deeper integrity and understanding of who I was and what my intention and purpose was. I studied holistic health counseling, and experienced re-birthing and many other types of alternative therapies and healing methods.

If it was about meeting inspiring beings, meditating and healing or beating drums and dancing or soaking in a hot spring I was there! I really expanded my universe and though I would now say that I am mostly a psychic medium and energy healer, I cherish everything I learned because it’s all part of me and I now know that I am part of a larger community of healers and light workers. I will never stop learning and aside from the fact that I am somewhat experienced, I like to think of myself as a beginner. I feel like I just arrived at the party of life and I’m getting to know what it’s all about!

Hank Hivnor