Hank Hivnor's Psychic class was an awakening. An awakening of trust and knowledge in my self. This space was sacred and pivital in my understanding of my connection to the unknown. His techniques are fun and playful, and quickly have become integrated in my daily life. It was incredible to see what unique abilities my classmates discovered, and it further solidified my belief in the power of collective work. I am ready for round two!!!

9.23.19 Rebecca Pappa, Art Therapist, L.C.A.T.

I've gone to astrologers and tarot card readers, but I don't really like working with psychics. Hank doesn't seem to directly call himself a psychic and maybe that's why we work so well together. He's definitely something special and indescribable though. I've gone to Hank twice now--once last year after my father passed away and once about a month ago. I went to Hank because my yoga instructor who I super-duper trust and who is super skeptical of people who call themselves healers--highly recommended him. She came over to my place one day and said she had just been to Hank and she said the experience was really good, but hard to describe other than that she felt really healed by him. It's not physical healing, he doesn't touch you--it's all talking and he gets visions of and advice from your ancestors and angels and gives you all of these really powerful tools to continue the healing process on your own after the session--such as visualization exercises. My yoga instructor said, "It's hard to explain. You just leave a session with Hank feeling so good. Like you now have a mental toolkit and a spiritual toolkit."

I went to Hank and sure enough it was a really epic experience. I cried a lot during our first session and that was partially because Hank was able to channel my recently deceased father. So he was able to talk (only if you want to--you tell him what you want to focus on) to my father and it was beautiful--the things he said. The session gave me a lot of closure. A session with Hank just leaves you feeling really good. It's really hard to explain other than that and he also talked about my love life. He told me that the person I was seeing was only temporary and he was definitely right. We talked a lot about my heart and how closed off it was and we talked a lot about my self esteem and lack of confidence and he really gave me some really great visualization exercises that were very tailored to me and my personality--that I still call upon when I need them.

The most recent time I saw Hank, he had me tell him three things I wanted to focus on. So we focused on career--he gave me an amazing manifestation exercise to do and well, I got the job I wanted to get. We talked about my love life and he basically said I had to get rid of the guy I was seeing because nothing was going to change--we were basically on an unfulfilling hamster wheel (my words, not his)--which I already knew and he gave me an incredible exercise to help me get over non-committal men so I could get closer to finding the love that I wanted and deserved and the exercise was based on a past life of mine, so it was awesome and fun and is working. And then we talked about a friend of mine who was a victim of a violent crime and that was really tough, but Hank knew how scared I was to venture into channeling a deceased friend of mine who I knew was angry--so he kept very strict energetic boundaries about the channeling.

A friend of mine recently went to him on my recommendation and loved the experience and has actually been doing follow up calls from L.A. where she was visiting from--so it's nice to know he is available for phone sessions as well as in-person ones. Hank is great. Hank is a very gifted person that I feel lucky to have met.

9.2.19 Cathy M.F.A

I first sought out support from Hank when I was in my early twenties and struggling with understanding what direction I wanted my life to go in. I was a struggling artist and was deeply tied to that singular identify. Hank called upon my ancestors, spirit guides and helped me understand my personal blueprint. For a few days following the session, I was baffled with what to make of the information he provided. Looking back I see how that session broke the frame from seeing myself as an artist (who only makes art), to evolving into a multifaceted creative being. 

I have been working with Hank over the past 10 years. I used to enjoy in-person sessions with him when I lived in Brooklyn and I have been lucky enough to stay connected via the phone and video chat since moving to the west coast. Hank provides healing in so many different ways and I really trust his intuitive approach to sessions. His insight, genuine nature and warmth have always helped me see the world and myself from new perspectives. So often we think we have life figured out not realizing that is the source of so much of our stress and pain. I always walk away from sessions with Hank with increased curiosity, creative outlooks and general excitement for life. I cannot recommend working with Hank enough.

8.9.19 Jesse Proia M.A., L.M.F.T.

I've had many readings from many clairvoyants but Hank has been the best and remains my go-to. I can always expect him to be forthright, supportive, and offer concrete exercises and solutions to my questions and concerns. In this sense he is spiritual guide and facilitator of our own learning. He gives us the tools to fulfill our own wishes and goals. He does this with compassion and chill and meeting with him is like meeting with an old friend. I always feel completely at ease during our readings.

Hank truly has a gift for seeing the unseen and putting it into terms that his clients can understand. I feel that I not only learn a bit more about my destiny when I come to him but also about the way the universe works and the different lenses we may see it through. Sometimes we seek spiritual guidance because we need a new perspective.
Hank not only has powerful clairvoyant abilities, but is also a true healer. I came to him with some physical and spiritual concerns my last meeting and the next day felt as clear as a bell.

I've sent a number of friends to Hank who all are happy clients like myself. Thank you, Hank!

7.24.19 Julia Popescu, Artist and Writer

Hank is a true sage in a sageless community. He is a luminary in my life, his guidance and wisdom have supported me over the past 8 years through the darkest of challenges. His ability to heal and channel, in person and long distance, are unparalleled. I initially started working with Hank after being diagnosed with neurological Lyme disease; and now as an Acupuncturist, I recommend him to so many of my patients.

He brings forward vital information that has been absolutely critical to the success of my career, my health, repairing family relationships and all matters of the heart. I still employ tools he gave me years ago to support new goals and dreams. Hank is the most gentle guide and the best navigator into the unknown. He’s an absolute game changer.

7.8.19 Mary Deminie, Acupuncturist

My session with Hank was incredibly special and I would absolutely recommend reaching out to him if you’re at all called. Hank himself is so down to earth and immediately put me at ease simply by being himself. The session, held at his home, felt very intimate and authentic to him. He is funny and unique in the best way, and the whole experience was incredibly comfortable. He even graciously extended my session because I didn't want to stop chatting with him. His reading felt very in tune with where I was at the time. Some of what he had to say immediately hit home, and some of what he said surprised me at the time, but unfurled its meaning later. It has been a few months since my reading and I can say that time, allowing reflection on the session, has given me an entirely new appreciation of his words. Thank you again, Hank. I will be back soon.

12.16.18 Julia Yon

I met Hank five years ago and was shocked at his awareness of some unresolved issues I had with my parents that, oblivious to me, were preventing me from moving forward with my life. I have turned to him sporadically over the years ever since. He’s never steered me wrong. I consider him a friend, though our communication is always professional, he has such an enormous heart and I feel he’s training me to use my brain positively. He is comforting but never beats around the bush. I often feel as if I’ve had a therapy session on top of a psychic reading and an energy healing. He’s sent me books and cards, he takes the extra step because he truly wants the best for all of his clients.

Last year, when I was concerned about my relationship and having doubts about marrying my (now) husband, Hank told me these feelings were born out of a jealousy I had towards my husband. He was totally right. And he didn’t make me feel guilty, instead he helped me see I was turning a wonderful dynamic into a bad one because I needed to sort out my own career and not compare it to my husband’s. Hearing this was extremely freeing and helped me connect both to my partner, but also to my own needs and desires.

I could mention a plethora of other times Hank has helped me get over a hump. I’ve referred several friends to him and they’ve all been equally shocked by the higher powers he’s able to interact with, and the amount he is willing to give. I’m very glad to know him.

3.3.15  Lauren Cook.  Actress and writer


Hank Hivnor is a man who can enter into dimensions that we are not allowed to have excess to. Above that fact he comes with an extremely generous heart. Therefore he decided to share his gifts with the ones who were interested or in need to reach out to the beings of extraterrestrial spheres. The way he communicates with Angels and spirit beings is respectful and considerate to all religious devotions and protective of our human fragilities. Hank is not what I think of as a fortune teller, or wouldn’t call him a psychic in the traditional sense of the word, although his devoted work with the spirit world has been helpful to me, and this way of working is ancient and extremely needed in our contemporary modern society. On our part it requires openness and the ability of complete honesty to ourselves, if one decides to visit the dimensions beyond we live and think in this world with Hank’s safe guidance.

If these 2 requirements of openness and honesty to oneself are at hand, a session with Hank can be a new beginning of someone’s life and eventually experiencing a lighter and brighter existence in this world.

3/2/15  Rita A.  Artist


So last week, I had a psychic reading and was told that my psychic saw me standing in a room full of people after completing a very successful anthology. I said, “no, I don’t think so. I’m not doing any anthologies, just a collection of stories and a novella.” Three days ago, I was contacted by a small press and asked to be the prose editor for an anthology.

Seriously psychic Hank Hivnor’s readings are not only right on about specifics of the future, but he also provides psychic healing that I feel immediately, every time.

Also, he made me a space suite, that will enable me to live on the west coast for a couple more months without being too annoyed.

August 15 2014  Chavisa Woods, Writer


This past Winter I was looking for a change, a spiritual tune-up of some sort. My friend suggested I visit Hank.  From that visit he has helped advance my creative, spiritual and mental state beyond what I thought was possible. He sees clearly what is going on within a person and with great compassion wisdom and discernment reveals what they need to know in a way they are ready to hear and in a manner that makes it seem fun to evolve and change.  Also he mentioned that I knew one of my relatives in my most recent past life. I asked my relative about this person and was provided with many details about my previous life that all aligned with what Hank had mentioned. I have heard people ask what the point is of knowing about past lives and while there is no need to dwell in the past, it is helpful to have a better understanding of why family or friend dynamics may be the way they are.  Catching a glimpse of my past lives is interesting and has helped me move forward instead of repeating the same cycles.  Conversations with Hank are full of insight and he had many tangible suggestions for steps to take to improve my life as directed by various guides that communicate with him.  He seems to truly understand the complexity of each individual and can help untangle and release stagnant or painful energy blockages.  He is also significantly helping my creative process. He helped me rise beyond how I perceived myself and my art and I can see huge shifts in my paintings since my last session with him,  I advise everyone to see Hank. He can give clarity and insight regarding any situation or person.  He is a brilliant healer and the work he does is beyond beyond.

April 2014  Sara Marie


I had never visited a psychic before my session with Hank, but he came highly recommended by somebody I had met, and I was staying in Brooklyn for only a short while, so decided the time was right.

As I had come to a crossroad in my life, I went to Hank with a lot of questions about my relationships, my past, and my future direction.

Hank told me I should not live in New York as I needed to be somewhere with more history. This made sense to me, but when he visualized Northern Russia, I was skeptical.

Over the months which have followed, I have come into contact with a lot of Russian people, and been increasingly drawn to Shamanic healing practices. The word Shaman originates from the Tungusic language of Siberia, meaning eagle or one who is capable of spiritual flight. I now believe Hank had insight around this, which has opened up my world in ways I had not dreamed possible.

He helped me to make connections with my dead sibling, and since our meeting I have become more aware of her energy, and become more integrated within myself. He also helped me to avoid certain dangerous situations and people that had been sent to test my soul development.

He introduced me to some of my spirit guides and helped me to connect with the world beyond form.

Life has become more meaningful and I feel better able to find my voice and stand in my truth.

Hank is a very gifted and discerning healer. I would strongly recommend his work.

Thank you.

Beth O, Testimonial  7/14/14

 Last month I made an appointment with Hank because my job was overwhelming, and I Needed help getting out of it in the best way possible.

I had been working as the manager of a high-end retail shop for the past five years, and over that time I had become more valuable to the company but also more entrenched.

At the same time, the owner of the shop was very intense and hard to work for. We had several employees come and go so quickly because the owner was so demanding. So quitting this job was not going to be easy.

Hank’s session with me was just what I needed. With only a few questions he was able to dive into my psyche and, like a mechanic, fix the issues and clean up a few parts. It’s amazing how he works; I would compare it to a psychic mechanic or surgeon.

Through his guidance and my readiness to listen and take notes, I was able to get another job, resign from the old one and squeeze in a weekend vacation in the transition period – which I desperately needed. Hank’s advice is very much like a doctor’s because if you don’t follow the instructions, you’re as much to blame for an undesired result. It takes two tango right? So the client has to be ready to listen and willing to make some changes, and I definitely was.

Through my session, I was able to visualize what my next step would be and make that happen. He taught me some very simple affirmations to have in my head while I was at work to keep my demanding boss at bay – and it worked! I couldn’t believe how quick the result was! A couple days passed, and my boss approached me with a pat on the back and a one week vacation offer since Id been doing such a great job lately.”

During the week off, I visualized the job I wanted and the next day I got a phone call with that exact job. They asked me to come down for an interview, and I was offered the job shortly thereafter.

I returned from having let go of my one-week refreshed and with resignation letter in hand. The boss was surprised, but I kept my cool and put in my notice knowing that I had another job lined up.

I returned from my weekend vacation today, and I start my new job tomorrow morning. I feel light from having let go of my previous job and refreshed from my trip. I am ready to start my new job with a fresh new outlook, and I couldn’t be happier.

Without this much needed clarity, I would have struggled further with the job and likely would not be where I am today.

Thank you so much, Hank! Without you, who knows where I would be.

Matthew Namie  Artist,  August 2012.



Some of these testimonials are from questionnaires given to a clients who have agreed to share their experiences.

Sierra, Chef & Caterer

What was the most memorable part of your reading?

“Feeling the intense emotional connection that Hank achieves during
his readings and knowing that i was truly safe and being cared for by
 a skilled practitioner.”

Can you describe a question or issue that was resolved for you?
“I received a great deal of insight and assistance dealing with work
frustrations and stress associated with my job.”

Do you feel that the information given was accurate?
“I am consistently surprised and amazed at the level of depth, detail,
and accuracy that Hank is able to access about my life and

If you were going to recommend this experience to a friend what would you
tell them?
“I have always considered myself a skeptic to a certain extent about
energy work and psychic readings, but I was entirely convinced from
our very first brief session (over 2 years ago) that Hank is 100% the
REAL DEAL and a consummate professional. His work is a blessing.”

Is there anything you would like to express about your experience?
“Hank i am, as always, so grateful for your presence and work. you are
a true and valued friend =)”

Sierra, Chef & Caterer, 8.5.09