Hank Hivnor is teaching a 4 week course starting in October!

Our last class just ended in July, it was a huge success and so we are gearing up to start our next one! We have a new strategy of accumulating the students who are interested and then choosing a time that works best for everyone.

WHAT TO EXPECT: we will teach you techniques that will help you create a foundation of confidence and trust to maintain a safe platform for you to witness your own genuine psychic healing and exploration reality.

WHERE: Classes are currently held at Myths of Creation on Graham Avenue in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY

SUPPORT: you will receive coaching and individual attention enabling you to take risks and make great strides in your awareness and spiritual development.

You will learn exercises, tools, techniques, and games, and you will experience safe monitored interactions that will help you to understand the language of spirit and learn to trust your ability and process.

WHEN: The next class will be starting in late October around the week of the 21st. 2019

Click this link below you will be directed to a contact form, please indicate your interest in the class in the subject box.

Psychic Development Class Sign Up

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Hank Hivnor’s Psychic class was an awakening. An awakening of trust and knowledge in my self. This space was sacred and pivitol in my understanding of my connection to the unknown. His techniques are fun and playful, and quickly have become integrated in my daily life. It was incredible to see what unique abilities my classmates discovered, and it further solidified my belief in the power of collective work. I am ready for round two!!!
— Rebecca Pappa, Art Therapist