Philosophies and beliefs by Henry Hivnor


Sometimes I am asked about what I believe about God, the Universe and our origins, time travel, etc.

I’ve been exposed to a lot of different things and I think that ones knowledge or awareness is directly associated with what you can believe, or how much you allow yourself to perceive.

Some people don’t give themselves permission to see beyond the veil or frequency that they are currently at.

I’ve seen large flying objects moving over populated areas in broad daylight. I’ve seen lights come out of mirrors, and energy moving through the air.

What have you seen? Or not seen?

Psychics have an ability to see things out side the norm and

a good example of this was popularized by the film What The Bleep Do We Know.

There is a story about the native people in the “new world” who could not “see” the tall ships of visitors approaching their shore, simply because it was not in their experience, they could see the small boats that came to shore, but not the big ships, it was as if the visitors just appeared in small boats. Their Shaman was summoned and he could see the ships, and over time he helped his community to comprehend and therefore see the tall ships.

I’m not big on “fixing “ or forcing anyone to think or believe in anything they are not comfortable with without their desire to do so.

We are all in our own evolution, and that is sacred.

If people ask me for a jump start I can certainly expose you to what I am aware of or point you in a new direction to help you to gain experiential knowledge of what you are seeking.


Most indigenous cultures have a strong connection with nature, the spirit world and the higher powers of all things important to them.

If we are so advanced in our technologies and ways of being ahead of the game why are we not connected to spirit?

Why are some of us afraid to trust our intuition?

My approach is holistic and the holistic model includes the medical model, meaning that if you are accustomed to seeing a doctor for a particular ailment then you should do so, but also holding the knowledge that other types of alternative remedies and practices exist and are available.

I envision modern people accessing all types of healing processes that best suit their needs and I am certain that psychics and intuitive healers will play a defining role.

Past lives
In spite of the fact that I am very open minded I didn’t used to believe in past lives.

I remember telling a close friend ‘this whole past life thing is ridiculous! Even if you could verify that they are real, what would be the point? The present moment is where it’s at.”

Do you know what? The Angels were watching because my next 5 clients all had past life issues, so lets just say I had to change my thinking to keep up with my own spiritual evolution!

When I was a child I was afraid of water, I wouldn’t mind being next to a lake or wading a bit at a beach but I refused to go in deep water, anything over my head gave me such anxiety that I would ether freeze up or have a tantrum, and find the fastest way out of the situation. One time I even hid inside a hedge for hours to escape a mandatory swimming lesson.

So as you might assume, I discovered had some water issues in my past lives, the most traumatic being one in which an underwater structure fell on me while I was working in a diving suit.

Now that I’ve had that memory and released it, I have a much easier time in water, I actually enjoy it!

So however we investigate our past lives, we can process the information and release it and not further suffer in unconscious confusion.

The very concept of past lives may threaten our concept of reality.

but given the instance of a life threatening illness or compulsive behavior we know we want to change, we may not be so fearful to investigate the possibility.

It may surprise you, but I am very skeptical, it is just my nature.

This is why I resisted my gift for so long, but here it is

and here we are, and here is another client with a past life issue.

What I have noticed is that we draw upon past lives to help us with our present lives. We unconsciously pull information and experience from a past lives to aid us in a present life. This is where everything works out. It’s when a trauma, or intense behavior from a past life effects us in a negative way, and we become prisoners of these effects, that we need to focus on these past lives and ways to heal them.

What’s energy?

What’s energy? What’s energy reading and healing?

Energy is a word I use to title the subtle fields and phenomena existing in all matter and primarily the fields around people, plants and animals.

Clairvoyants, healers, psychics tune into this energy and interpret it discovering information about the past present and future.

Everything in this world that we perceive has It’s own energy field unique to its self.

Just tuning in or focusing on it helps us to have a deeper relationship with it.

In other words, we get to know it and as we do that we become familiar with it and develop respect for it. As this deeper relationship develops we can fully understand it.

Are we a global comunity?

Scientists created the web so they could more easily communicate and share Ideas.

What I do and what so many healers do is a science in its self which is becoming more recognized and applied to peoples lives more and more every day. It’s becoming “normal” for people to go to holistic doctors for treatment, or to receive healing to aid ailments and disease.

I’ve already made some wonderful new contacts on the web and I know this will only grow into a larger community of light! Like minded individuals connecting and sharing information and intentions! Intending that our planet is healthy and safe, intending that all our different cultures and countries have healthy boundaries and connections of love and respect.

We are in an exciting time, a time of change and shift in consciousness! It’s happening right now and there are so many ways to participate!

Just being alive is a really profound experience. It really blows my mind that we are here on this earth! Have you ever for a moment thought about how amazing this earth experience is? I mean just nature alone is amazing, the sacred geometry, the interconnectedness of all these beings, the animals all perfectly adapted to their surroundings. just looking at an image of the earth from space is amazing.

Have you ever forgotten how profound it is?

Some people live in a consciousness of forgetting, so caught up in the competitive nature of human life.

I am part of this too, I choose to be apart of it.

but I also remember the beauty, I recognize what I have and what is all around me. Life is truly amazing!

Truth Time by Henry Hivnor

Truth time.

We are in the truth time.

We are living in a time when all the truth must come out. All will be revealed.

The veils are being lifted everywhere.

Just take a look around you and you will see that it's the case. The Me Too movement, victims speaking out and being heard, the solving of many cold cases, false prophets and dishonest people being thrust into the light. As their truths become known they must abandon their platforms and thrones and atone for their transgressions and crimes.

Energetically it looks like hearts warming. Like a spring sun rising over a frozen landscape, gently softening the cold edges of winter.

From a victims perspective it’s a huge relief to tell their truth. The perpetrators are set free too, their renunciation from dishonesty is a rugged path, because they are victims too. Truth telling requires courage and strength and everyone participates and heals through identification or reflection.

This Truth time can be challenging because not telling the truth is suddenly more painful than it used to be.

If you’re stuck in a crappy job and you suddenly realize it, it can feel like everything is upside down, because you may have gotten used to lying to yourself, pretending you are content.

At one time lying might have seemed the perfect pivot point for a noble sacrifice.

“ Sanity? who needs it? This job helped me get XYZ and so it’s worth it.”

In this Awakening Time of Truth Suddenly XYZ becomes worthless and your sanity is a gift that you want back so desperately, but because you were taught to lie to your self and have lied to your self for so long, a career change seems like learning a crazy dance at an awkward social event where everyone is wearing name tags and the coffee is terrible.

If you can be compassionate with your self it’s a lot easier to turn the boat around.

It’s also easier to slow down… pause … listen to the sound of your breath.

Albert Einstein said: “ Happiness leads to success “

When I think of Albert Einstein I imagine a person totally driven, on a wild forceful mission to figure it all out.

After reading his quote I see him differently, as someone enjoying his discoveries with a goofy graceful passion, like the scarecrow in the wizard of Oz. .. someone who is holding their own brain in their arms like a purring kitten, instead of their brain being on stage, expected to perform like a prodigy and dish out the genius to a hungry audience.

Since we are now in the Truth time it’s a great opportunity to do a simple life review, but remember compassion is the key!

Compassion is like the perfect amount spice added to a bitter soup. It opens doors and expands possibilities.

Truth is something we see because we have the ability of openness, willingness, we are really present and not in a hurry to get somewhere, or escape.

Make a simple list: my job, my partner, my location, my goals. Go through each with a willingness to see the truth.

Job: am I happy, am I fulfilled, am I enjoying my self?

If the answer is no, it’s not the end of the world, it’s just a tiny step in a different direction.

This time of truth effects all people because all of us are not telling the truth somewhere in our lives.

Our perception of reality is held together by our beliefs about who we are and what we do.

In this time of truth some of the blocks are being knocked out of our foundation that holds up our reality and this can be overwhelming and even terrifying. So we really have to be kind to ourselves so that we can enjoy the truth time and utilize it to better our lives which is it’s purpose anyway.

It’s purpose is to free us of old stuck behaviors that are destroying us in one way or another.

Being more conscious of whats happening makes it easier and even enjoyable, because, get this: the truth is higher consciousness, in and of it’s self!

Sometimes people think of being truthful as being kind to others, being charitable, healing others, performing acts of kindness, but then treating them selves horribly. ” I’m a saint but I am still going to be self depricating and sulk in my free time, “

Don’t be so cruel to yourself! Telling the truth includes you! Be extra kind to yourself with self care and self approving thoughts and behaviors!

You are unique, Important, loved, remarkable, special! You are an important shining light in the magical jeweled rainbow of humanity and excluding yourself is dishonest and not standing in your truth, because what ever you have made up about your self that is so terrible, it is made up, and the more you stand in your truth the more clearly you will see.

When you see the truth there is nothing between you and it. and that’s being totally present!

This is a very powerful shift that we are going through. All we have to do is be willing to see the truth and stand in it and uphold it.

Step back and look at the entire human race.

The truth time is beginning now, can you imagine where the human consciousness will be in 10 years? Quite exciting don’t you think?

2019 A year of ascension breakthroughs and growth! by Henry Hivnor

Happy New Year!

I was thinking a good title for this blog entry would be: “Fasten Your Seat belts! “ then I realized “ unfasten your seat belts!” would be better. How do I say both at the same time?

My question is: what kind of support do you need in your life?

Support meaning friends, family, loved ones. who do you reach out to when everything is falling apart?

I ask you because things are going to be moving and shaking this year and it’s important to know who is on your cheer team!

If you don’t have a good support system its time to start thinking about how to create a solid group of kindred spirits who have your back, and are there for you, willing to share time, hugs, advice, ears, and everything else that best suits your needs!

While your busy manifesting some awesome new peeps, (or upgrading the old ones which just means that you are going to be more direct about what your needs are from people!)

I have some folks I want to introduce to you to!

What if I told you that I wanted you to meet seven friends who have known you since you were born?
I’d like to reintroduce you so that you can reacquaint in a way that will serve all of you, and humanity!


Our chakras are intelligent and almost like separate entities in the sense that if we give them a voice and a spotlight to be honest with us about how they feel and what they truly want, it creates a natural way for our whole beings to work better together.

(This is actually how I relate to my own chakras and it occurred to me that not everyone does this. I realized how much it could help people.)

It’s such a joy to see the delight on someones face when they develop these new perspectives and get reacquainted with these 7 friends.
They have been waiting for you and they will always be here for you.

How did we lose touch?
Those pesky emotions are just getting in the way!
We are taught that we must go go go and get to our goals as quickly as possible, we are taught to squelch and disregard our inner most core yearnings, and perceptions.
We become blind to the things we really want without realizing that some of the things we desire are crucial pieces to the puzzle that builds a confident clear pathway to the future of our dreams.

Our chakras know what we want and are intending to fast track us, it is we who ignore our true feelings, reasoning that we won’t be side tracked, but side tracking is where it’s happening! slowing down to examine a finer detail of our desire helps us to better resonate with what or who or where we want to be!

I hope I’ve inspired you to connect with your self in some new ways in 2019
If you need guidance and healing on this wild journey,  or you want help reacquainting with your seven friends I’m here to help!

Are you like me? Do you experience anxiety about the future, feeling discombobulated, disoriented, confused?

You are experiencing an exciting shift in consciousness that is happening now.
An ascension is happening and the good news is that we are all having our vibration raised and we are not leaving anyone behind.
The challenging news is that in order to accept the energy upgrade and move with it,
we have to allow ourselves to evolve.

This energy upgrade is very unique because it’s tailored to each individual and we have to build it, each one of us on our own. there is no standard to follow because no one has ever been you before, the challenge isn’t that hard if you accept it and this could seem an arduous task, but it doesn’t have to be.

It’s like we can see the ladder in front of us, but some of the rungs are missing.
We know where we have to go, and we know we have to create some of these rungs on our own.

This is about shedding and old skin, and changing old patterns and developing new wheels for new terrane and developing flexibility and movement. If you discovered that you needed wings instead of wheels do you have the courage to throw away the wheels and start flying?

This kind of upgrade challenges us to re think and re grow and shake off the old galoshes quickly, there just isn’t any time to wallow and it just won’t be comfortable anymore.

What is slowing you down? Are you swimming through jello or coasting along with the stream?

How can we support each other through this journey? sometimes we feel the tools we are developing are not ready to be put into practice to get us off the ground, but we might as well give them a try!

The truth will set you free, but if you have honed your ability to hide or distract your self from the truth then the opportunities and possible shifts and upgrades might seem to be more frightening than liberating.

One of the skills I like to show people how to develop is how to be friends with your pain. It’s not difficult, it’s just about changing the direction of your thinking.

It’s a way to change from being a victim to being a self caring empowered super star!

I can show you how to self comfort. its an exciting leap that you deserve to take!

This time we are in now is all about telling the truth. The truth is that we are emotional beings that need love and support. we need to be here for each other in real genuine ways so that we can learn to trust and grow and have that confidence to seize the moment and the day!

How Sharp is your axe? by Henry Hivnor


I heard an inspiring story I want to share.

I was with a group of friends and we were sharing ideas and techniques for staying in the groove of healthy routines and how to stay with them and not deviate from a path of self care.

Self care is an important part of our lives. its that rest stop on the highway that enables us the recharge and rethink, tune up so we can tune back in.

I, like most people can get caught up in all the little details and lose direction and energy.

Sometimes I catch myself in a confused zone and realize that I’m chasing after myself.

I’m running to catch the train to school, rushing home to see a client and rushing somewhere else and I’m not sure when I’m working or when I’m taking time off, because sometimes my time off is occupied by doing things that keep the momentum going like scheduling a client or event or organizing some future job or project.

Are you like me?  Cheating your self out of down time so you can cram more work into your busy schedule?  Somehow it’s gratifying for me to know I’m getting more done, but in actuality because I’m so exhausted, the quality of my work is not as good, and this low quality of work is what makes me try to run faster to catch up.

Sometimes its hard to see that my attitude or way of being creates the phenomenon that keeps me in an unhealthily cycle.

A lot of people deal with this situation and are unsure about how to slow down and catch their breath, or make time to relax and stick to it.

A friend shared this inspiring parable:

Two men were chopping wood, one man was older and the other younger. They both had big piles of wood to chop and it was clear that they had a lot of wood to cut and it would take them a long time.

The younger man had a gun ho attitude and was vigorously chopping all the wood with speed and gusto.

The old man had a different method, he was pausing and taking breaks.

The old man finished chopping his wood pile before the younger man.

The younger man, exasperated looked up at the old man and said:  “  what gives? whats your secret? how did you possibly finish before me,  I’m so much faster! ”

The old man smiled and said: I take breaks so I can sharpen my axe.

This story demonstrates how helpful it can be to take a break so we can sharpen our mental axes or do what ever we need to do to recharge.

When you hear the term self care what comes to mind?

Some how for me there has been a disconnect, or I had thought: self care if for people who have the time, it’s some kind of luxury, celebrities and rich people can afford to slack off and get massages, but I live in the real world where I have to work and get things done.

(obviously an old unhealthy thought pattern or belief!  I was way off the mark!)

The people who take time to unwind and relax, breathe and meditate, are the people who will be the most clear minded and grounded and will then be the most effective at their jobs and careers.

I hope this story inspires you to pause and sharpen your axe.