Truth Time / by Henry Hivnor

Truth time.

We are in the truth time.

We are living in a time when all the truth must come out. All will be revealed.

The veils are being lifted everywhere.

Just take a look around you and you will see that it's the case. The Me Too movement, victims speaking out and being heard, the solving of many cold cases, false prophets and dishonest people being thrust into the light. As their truths become known they must abandon their platforms and thrones and atone for their transgressions and crimes.

Energetically it looks like hearts warming. Like a spring sun rising over a frozen landscape, gently softening the cold edges of winter.

From a victims perspective it’s a huge relief to tell their truth. The perpetrators are set free too, their renunciation from dishonesty is a rugged path, because they are victims too. Truth telling requires courage and strength and everyone participates and heals through identification or reflection.

This Truth time can be challenging because not telling the truth is suddenly more painful than it used to be.

If you’re stuck in a crappy job and you suddenly realize it, it can feel like everything is upside down, because you may have gotten used to lying to yourself, pretending you are content.

At one time lying might have seemed the perfect pivot point for a noble sacrifice.

“ Sanity? who needs it? This job helped me get XYZ and so it’s worth it.”

In this Awakening Time of Truth Suddenly XYZ becomes worthless and your sanity is a gift that you want back so desperately, but because you were taught to lie to your self and have lied to your self for so long, a career change seems like learning a crazy dance at an awkward social event where everyone is wearing name tags and the coffee is terrible.

If you can be compassionate with your self it’s a lot easier to turn the boat around.

It’s also easier to slow down… pause … listen to the sound of your breath.

Albert Einstein said: “ Happiness leads to success “

When I think of Albert Einstein I imagine a person totally driven, on a wild forceful mission to figure it all out.

After reading his quote I see him differently, as someone enjoying his discoveries with a goofy graceful passion, like the scarecrow in the wizard of Oz. .. someone who is holding their own brain in their arms like a purring kitten, instead of their brain being on stage, expected to perform like a prodigy and dish out the genius to a hungry audience.

Since we are now in the Truth time it’s a great opportunity to do a simple life review, but remember compassion is the key!

Compassion is like the perfect amount spice added to a bitter soup. It opens doors and expands possibilities.

Truth is something we see because we have the ability of openness, willingness, we are really present and not in a hurry to get somewhere, or escape.

Make a simple list: my job, my partner, my location, my goals. Go through each with a willingness to see the truth.

Job: am I happy, am I fulfilled, am I enjoying my self?

If the answer is no, it’s not the end of the world, it’s just a tiny step in a different direction.

This time of truth effects all people because all of us are not telling the truth somewhere in our lives.

Our perception of reality is held together by our beliefs about who we are and what we do.

In this time of truth some of the blocks are being knocked out of our foundation that holds up our reality and this can be overwhelming and even terrifying. So we really have to be kind to ourselves so that we can enjoy the truth time and utilize it to better our lives which is it’s purpose anyway.

It’s purpose is to free us of old stuck behaviors that are destroying us in one way or another.

Being more conscious of whats happening makes it easier and even enjoyable, because, get this: the truth is higher consciousness, in and of it’s self!

Sometimes people think of being truthful as being kind to others, being charitable, healing others, performing acts of kindness, but then treating them selves horribly. ” I’m a saint but I am still going to be self depricating and sulk in my free time, “

Don’t be so cruel to yourself! Telling the truth includes you! Be extra kind to yourself with self care and self approving thoughts and behaviors!

You are unique, Important, loved, remarkable, special! You are an important shining light in the magical jeweled rainbow of humanity and excluding yourself is dishonest and not standing in your truth, because what ever you have made up about your self that is so terrible, it is made up, and the more you stand in your truth the more clearly you will see.

When you see the truth there is nothing between you and it. and that’s being totally present!

This is a very powerful shift that we are going through. All we have to do is be willing to see the truth and stand in it and uphold it.

Step back and look at the entire human race.

The truth time is beginning now, can you imagine where the human consciousness will be in 10 years? Quite exciting don’t you think?