Psychic Reading and Spiritual Healing



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What is unique about my services?

I ensure that my clients not only get info about how to make changes or manifest what they want, they also achieve the results they really desire. This is what makes my service so special, I genuinely care about you and intend that you totally succeed and accomplish your goals.

I don’t just give you the news and the weather, I also give you an umbrella! 

Healing is a big part of the equation, and I put a lot of energy and attention into ensuring that you completely process and release old patterns or behaviors that no longer serve you and simultaneously reform and integrate useful new updated present time energetic solutions and healthy ways of being so you can embrace life and enjoy it to the max!

What happens in a reading?  I create a sacred space for you. First I say a prayer that acknowledges you, your higher self and your ancestors, friends and loved ones,  sort of like saying hello to your village.

Your aura and the energetic system including the chakras and other energetic anomalies hold a wealth of information about your history in this human life and beyond. I acknowledge you as a multidimensional being. I see as much as you give me permission to see, so I don’t dig or approach subjects that are uncomfortable for you unless you ask a question that takes the reading in that direction.  I combine my psychic abilities with the experience and knowledge of the Akashic record Angels,  Together we are a dream team on a marvelous mission to supply to you the best possible information and healing for your highest good.

I tune into your energy and see what’s going on.

In most cases I am shone what is ailing you or what is causing you to not be at your best. Sometimes an Angel will start talking to me telling me what’s going on or your aura will show me. It can look like a thunderstorm inside a fish bowl or a whirling universe of neon snakes. If you are not feeling well it is my intention to bring you back into balance.

I am not approaching you with any preconceived idea or projection that there is something wrong with you.

From an Angelic perspective,  you are really just fine. Usually I tell people what I see, and how I believe the current energetic situation is effecting them.

The healing is a combo of energy work and information, or maybe some work you have to do, like forgiving someone or remembering something.

Sometimes the Angels give people rituals and homework, I don’t like the word homework, and so I say Om work.

Healings and readings can have so many different avenues I never know what kind of road we will take, but if we arrive at our destination, a place of healing and resolve, clarity, and success, then what ever way it happens was the right way.

When I refer to Angels I am acknowledging The Akashic record Angels as well as Saints, Deities and Ascended Masters.

I do many types of readings and a session with me might include communicating with a deceased loved one, figuring out a new career path or just becoming more clear and developing a stronger connection with your higher self.

I’ve listed some popular subjects that people are often concerned about, but it’s certainly ok to not know what you want to work on, sometimes that is revealed in the process.

Work and Career

What is your passion?

I help people to discover what they are really passionate about.

I had a client who had lost her will and desire to function in the world. I kept seeing piano keys around her and music. I asked her if she had every played the piano and she said that she had always wanted to. The Angels told her that she had a natural ability and that she would benefit from lessons. She tried it, loved it and is now selling CDs!

When you are passionate about what you are doing with your life, you feel fantastic, you have a spring in your step and everyone wants to dance along with you.  Most people have a strong sense of who they are and what they want to do but it is buried some where deep within them.  I can help you find your passions so that you can live with enthusiasm  and a strong sense of purpose!

Energy clearing

Your body's energy system

It’s  important to clean out your aura and chakras on a regular basis. I’ve had first time clients who have stagnant energy inside them from childhood. This energy was literally running them in the way that old software runs a computer and causes it to malfunction.

I can clean out and transform all the negative energy out of your body and teach you techniques to maintain a healthy energy body.

I'm chuckling to myself because this is a short paragraph describing something that is a big process.

Have you ever gone to the clinic for an injury and they ask you: " on a scale of  1 - 10 how much does it hurt? " Well what if we asked the same question about our emotional pain?  A lot of us have trained ourselves not to feel our emotional pain, to squelch it down or  just be in denial about how sad or upset we really are. 

If you have been practicing un awareness for years then it's going to be challenging for you to check in with yourself and feel whats going on in your heart chakra for example.

Awareness is awareness period. I can help you feel safe around examining your inner emotional landscape and practice techniques to bring your energetic body into balance.

If you had a technique to process and transform and let go of your pain you would be less afraid to feel it and examine it and It wouldn't have an unspoken power over you and you wouldn't have to use drugs, ice cream, people places things to cover or distract you from your pain.

People are often absolutely delighted about the freedom and lightness they experience once they understand their chakra system and how to maintain it with self healing techniques. 

Home and business energy cleaning

Energy from a previous tenant, and this includes spirits and harmful idea projections, can effect the types of people you attract into your business and your life, this can alter your mood and even manifest negative patterns.

For instance, if a previous tenant went though a devastating divorce, it’s possible that this will effect relationships you have in this environment.

I can clear your space in person or from a distance. I can also show you different ways to maintain happy healthy good energy in your home and work environments.

Contacting loved ones from the other side.

People who have passed on may have wisdom to share and often take the opportunity to share information that they weren’t able to before, for whatever reason.

The unexpected departure of someone who has been an integral part of our lives can be devastating.

By contacting these spirits all kinds of healing can begin. Some people are afraid to grieve because they are in denial of what has happened.

The Angels create all kinds of possibilities for growth and healing allowing for resolve and closure, or perhaps an opening to love someone in a new way.

Financial Stability

Somewhere in our subconscious the idea of Money is connected to some other idea. This means that we are attracting or repelling money without knowing why.

I can help you to clean off  money of all negative associations and charges and attach new beliefs and attitudes about it.

If you can feel it, you can have it! This is the whole secret to “The Secret” The law of attraction, manifesting thing. Feeling it does not mean obsessing about how sad you are because you don’t have enough. Feeling it means focusing on a feeling of how it really feels to have enough. that alone will attract wealth to you.

I can teach you very simple meditations and Mantras that can help you experience the energy of wealth and success.

What came first?  Beliefs or behaviors?  What has shaped the way we think and behave about money and success? These are the types of questions I ask you and your Angels ( higher self ) in a session so that we can determine the best course of action to leave any unfavorable beliefs the behaviors behind, and begin to make friends with money and what it means to have it, accumulate it and use it in a respectful way.


Manifesting the perfect lover or companion

We tend to Manifest the types of people that we feel the most normal or comfortable with. The people who are attracted to what we think is normal aren’t always the right people.

Our auras are walking neon signs that say things to people like:


Who would want to wear a sign that says this?  Nobody, but thats what we do until we become aware, by noticing the patterns or the personalities showing up in our lives.

I can help you get clear about what and where your comfort zone is

Ensuring that your aura signs say fabulous things like:


I’ve noticed that the people who are the loneliest often have problems with their boundaries or total lack of. Not understanding how something works is like it being non nonexistent. If you don’t know where you end and other people begin its going to be difficult for people to interact with you. Its like there are no rules, no structure or system that you and your future partners can work with. I can help you develop healthy boundaries for your self, you and your friends and future lovers. There is so much freedom in structure! Who knew?

Addictions and dependency.

If you are over doing it with drugs, sex or food, what ever your vice is, the whole idea is to escape, numb out or change your emotional experience.

If we can find out what you are running from or what is causing you pain. Then we can help remove a big part of your problem and zero in on what exactly you really need in the form of specialized support to guarantee the sobriety or clarity or freedom from any kind of habitual bad behavior, that is destroying your life.

The healing process is different for everyone. I can help you to get clear and develop a natural nurturing side of your self. Truly having compassion for yourself is a wonderful gift.

Namaste I bow to the divine in you  

Mitakuye Oyasin All My Relations

With clarity and blessings!  

Much joy to you!