Hello I’m Hank, welcome to my new website as of February 2017.

I’m a clairvoyant, medium and a healer, I give reading and healing sessions in person, over the phone or on Skype. Please check out the Reading and healing section for more info about readings, how I developed what I do and how I can be available to you.

I’m also an artist, I create art in many forms, some examples are in the Projects section. Ever since I can remember I’ve had the desire to draw, paint and express myself. I’ve had the opportunity to do it with many mediums, including painting, film and video as well as music: singing, songwriting and playing guitar, piano and home made instruments. I’m going to be presenting more of this as I move forward.

I have some exciting new projects in the works!   Coming soon!

A guided healing meditation series that I have been wanting to do for a while.

Some of these meditations are so ground breaking! They are emotional healing techniques that take about 10 minutes to learn that you can apply to so many difficult situations in life. 

It's kind of like having the benefits of a healing session with me in your own home and you can listen again and again for relaxation or when ever you need healing or a new perspective.

Hank’s Healing Hats! I’ve been making hats for some time now and its a magical process that produces hats energized with good energy that benefit people in many different ways. 

Within the fibers and colors of these hats is healing energy. With every stitch I am saying a mantra or a prayer so when the hat is complete it is sort of like a living mandala that you wear. The positive vibes saturate your whole being.

I mostly have made them for friends or clients in special circumstances but now I’m making them available to anyone who wants to have one.

Each hat is completely unique and hand woven out of natural cotton yarn. some of the colors are hand dyed by me using dipping techniques to create interesting variegated patterns in the woven piece. The patterns and colors vary showing psychedelic landscapes or sublime subtle color contrasts making a visual poetry. Theres room for your own interpretation and contemplation.

If you want a healing hat you just have to tell me what your favorite colors are and anything specific about you I need to know to include in the hat’s prayers for you. I haven't determined the pricing at this time, but they will be under 100 dollars.

Thanks so much for stopping by and having a look around. I’m still moving in and organizing so please check back because there will always be new fun stuff to see.

Much Joy to you!  Hank